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Learning support team

Learning support team

The Learning and Support Team assists mainstream students access the curriculum through the provision of appropriate learning adjustments. Mainstream students requiring low-level adjustment of the curriculum to support their disability or learning difficulty are provided with Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and/or risk management plans where appropriate. The purpose of these plans is to ensure a coordinated approach across faculties to supporting the individual learning needs of students. 

The Learning and Support Team is also committed to helping students to develop their literacy and numeracy skills. Literacy and numeracy are essential skills needed by students for all courses. The early development and further enrichment of these skills is an essential step in ensuring student success in all school subjects and their post-school lives. 

In 2018, the Learning and Support Team is comprised of 

   •Mrs Jessica Page (HT Student Engagement -whole school literacy, numeracy and personalised learning) 

  • Mrs Jenny Edwin (Stage 4 LaST Coordinator, and Out of Home Care Coordinator) 
  • Ms Veronica De Freitas (Stage 5 LaST Coordinator, NCCD and Special Provisons)
  • Ms Beria Sergil ( Stage 6 LaST and EAL/D teacher)
  • Mr Ben Gerard ( Aboriginal Education Coordinator)
  • Mrs Michelle Harrison ( Aboriginal Education Officer) 
  • As well as 3 x School Learning and Support Officers ( Ms Sandra Gioiosa, Mrs Kathy Andrews and Mrs Deb Stojanovski)