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Environmental initiatives

Doonside Technology High has implemented a School Environment Management Plan (SEMP) because we value energy efficiency and a clean environment.  Our SEMP targets the following key areas:

  • Air – cleaner air and less carbon emissions through the use of solar energy.
  • Land – the establishment of a bush garden, and citrus orchard promotes the growth of local native plants.
  • Water – DTHS has installed four rainwater tanks which provide 150,000 litres of rainwater to be used for the school landscape and the farm.
  • Energy – staff and students are committed to using less energy and are encouraged to use cleaner energy sources.  School has installed 33 solar panels. The DTHS Smart Metre monitors energy and water usage and reports incidents when usage is above the daily quota.
  • Waste – DTHS recycles all reusable materials and educates students about the importance of recycling.
  • Biodiversity – DTHS has established a Frog Pond at the school farm. Agriculture and Science students are in process of establishing an Indigenous Bush Garden at the school farm.

The DTHS school community believes education is the key to a cleaner environment.  Students are frequently informed about the importance of protecting the environment and how their actions, however small, can make a difference.