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Creative arts

In creative arts, students discover a variety of art forms through a study of dance, drama, music and visual arts.

Studying the creative arts, students learn to appreciate, compose, listen, make and perform. Each art form has its own unique knowledge and skills, elements or concepts as well as a capacity to inspire and enrich lives.

Students must study 100 hours of both music and visual arts during Years 7 to 10. They also have an opportunity to further develop their knowledge and skills in other art forms through elective subjects including drama, dance, photography and visual design. Students can then select from a range of courses in Years 11 to 12.

Doonside High Technology School offers a wide range of Creative and Performing Arts experiences within and beyond the classroom. The Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA) faculty consists of four primary areas: dance, drama, music and visual arts. Students are encouraged to be involved in the many co-curricular and extra-curricular opportunities available to them, and to foster their talents in their chosen fields.


Students at Doonside Technology High School have the opportunity to study elective Dance in Stage 5 (Years 9 & 10) and Stage 6 (Years 11 &12). Dance is an art-form and involves the development of physical dance skills through performance, composition and appreciation. Students are given the opportunity to perform in extra-curricular activities which include ‘Standing Ovation’ and being part of the annual ‘Bring It On’ dance group, as well as performing within the community.


At Doonside High Technology School students have the opportunity to study elective Drama in Stage 5 and 6, and to pursue and develop their dramatic talents and skills through a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities. Drama enables students to develop their skills through improvisation, play-building, physical theatre, acting and appreciating performances. They also learn about and utilise the elements of production, including lighting, sound, set and costume design.


At Doonside High Technology School students have the opportunity to study Music as part of their academic program at all levels. Our Music facilities include two music room; one being a stage performance venue, as well as a series of small rehearsal rooms and a recording studio. Both rooms contain a complement of keyboards and guitars, as well as a complete drum kit in the main performance room. Students gain skills in performing, composing and listening through a variety of context areas including the concepts of music, instruments, rock music and music in the media. Student skills are nurtured and developed throughout each year, which is performed to the community at the Doonside High School showcase night called ‘Standing Ovation’.

Vocational Education Training (VET) entertainment

Doonside Technology High School also offers VET entertainment in Stage 6 to students interested in staging events. It is an opportunity to gain industry recognised national vocational qualifications during the HSC (Higher Secondary Certificate) course. The course  covers: audio, customer service, lighting, safety, staging, vision and working in the entertainment industry for work placement.  Students have the opportunity to develop these skills by staging all school productions

Visual Arts

At Doonside Technology High School the Visual Arts program is an exciting and strong component of the creative arts key learning area. Students explore art making and historical and critical study by developing their own art making practice and exploring the art making of a wide variety of artists. The expressive forms available to the students include:


Photography and digital media

The Creative and Performing Arts department at Doonside High School also offer students the opportunity to study Photography and Digital Media as an elective subject in both Stage 5 and 6. This course offers students the opportunity to work in traditional ‘Wet’ photography using the schools darkroom, as well as learning digital techniques using Photoshop. Students have the opportunity to develop their skills by photographing school events.

CAPA faculty

The Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA) faculty at Doonside Technology High School are a vibrant, dynamic group of individuals with a wealth of professional knowledge and expertise. The well-being of our students is at the centre of all learning activities and creativity is nurtured and developed in a  safe, respectful environment